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Chris, a friend of mine needs back surgery and has to sell his '03 K1200LT w/12k. He's been a BMW owner for more than 25 years, however he's never been much of wrench.
Therefore, he's asked me to help him go over the bike, prepare it to sell and help him properly list it. I'll also help him answer the more technical questions about the bike. Although I know bikes, and have mechanical aptitude, I'm far from an expert on these bikes (I ride a Concours)....that's why I'm posting here.
Good advice and guidance that we get from this forum will help us properly describe this bike and allow us to come up with a realistic price for it....& hopefully find the right buyer for it. Once we figure out a realistic price, we'll likely make it available here at bmwlt before doing the eBay thing.
I plan to take as many pictures of the bike as I possibly can..probably today; and I'll have full access to it to take pictures/answer any questions that come up.
Although I'm going to thoroughly go over the bike as a prospective buyer would do, there are general things that I can say about this bike at this point:
  • It has a clear title (no salvage)
  • It's never gone down when moving
  • It may have gone down off it's stand - I'll have to confirm
  • It's stock to the best of my knowledge
  • The stereo isn't working at this point
  • The final drive was replaced by a capable mechanic the end of last season (specifics to follow)
In a nutshell, I'd like to be prepared to answer to the most commonly asked K1200LT questions that a knowledgeable, prospective buyer would ask.

EDIT: I'm going to follow Pauleknight's thread as a guidance of what to check.

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Look here and here

Find something simular and go from there...
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