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Is there a way to do a map update directly to my computer and memory card without the update going to my Nav V's internal storage?
I posed this question to garmin help and I have coppied and pasted there answer:
Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to address your question about memory management on your BMW Navigator V.

When you connect your device to the computer and run the Garmin Express program, the program will actually manage your memory for you. It will calculate how much memory will be available after it removes the old maps, compare that to the size of the new maps, and if they no longer will fit on the device, the program will confirm that you want to use the SD Card. Once you answer yes, to use the SD Card, the current, and all future updates will go to the SD Card.

There is no way to have Express send these maps to the SD Card until it has determined that the device will not accept the maps.

I only have 1.65Gig left on the device and the current update is 5.50 Gig. I would rather not fill up the device and have the rest go to my 8 gig memory card. I'm affraid the unit will operate VERY SLOWLY as my old Zumo 550 did when I filled up it's internal storage
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