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So.....I'm not happy with the Audio system on my 14 R1200RT. I use the USB media player on the BMW and have a memory stick with a couple days of music (900 songs) in the USB Port. Sound is OK but I do not like the hand-off from the Music to the NavV instructions. Often the instructions are too distorted to understand. The "random" playback on the BMW media player is also poor. I hear the same music over and over and have a LOT music I have not heard in over a year. I don't know how the random works but it really doesn't.

I also have a schuberth helmet with the SENA communicator built in that works fine. I know people claimed problems but I have the SC1 Advanced with the newest update and it is not the issue. I also have the 4 button remote for volume and intercom works without issue. Sounds good, plenty of volume, intercom works great, phone calls are clear. (I just tested, I don't actually use the phone)

I never listen to the Radio, and definitely not XM so I decided I would try using the NavV Media Player I took it off the bike repaired everything. Unpaired the RT, and it worked great. Sound was very good, Nav was clear and the handoff was fast, phone worked great. I could balance it all with the audio mixer. I thought this would be fine. I turned off the BMW audio system Put the GPS back on and ........nothing. The media player only give a dialog box that says "Listen to music on the motorcycle audio system" When mounted in the BMW cradle you cannot use the media player in the Nav V and the GPS instructions also will not work unless the helmet is paired to the bike. So I unpaired it all and went back to the beginning.

I am wondering if the GPS cradle could be unplugged from the RT Audio but still provide power to the GPS? The GPS mount can be dealer installed so I assume it is a plug and Play item but probably requires a Computer flash. Another alternative would be to take the NavV off and get a Garmin 560 or 595. I think they use the same cradle but not connected to the BMW system.

Any other thoughts??

Just a FYI...I have been using Bluetooth headsets since the First Cardo com. and the Mono Garmin 550. I'm not a novice to Bluetooth pairing and making things work.
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