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Hi All,
I have a BMW Nav II unit I am going to install on my 2005 K1200LT. I bought the mount kit from BMW as well as the cables. I do not have any comm system on the bike. My question is this, when I remove the stingray to mount the Nav mount, where do the cable(s) attach to on the bike? I am assuming there are some empty connectors present? Also how many cables will it take? I am guessing since I have no Comm system it would just be 1 cable?? For some reason BMW dealer ordered me 2 seperate cables totalling approx $200.. I thought I just would need 1?
Let me know thoughts so I can narrow down the hunt as well as any tips. Like to have a heads up before I rip her apart & am lacking a part....

While I have it apart I am also going to add XM to the auxillary radio input on the radio (BMW Cable part #82 11 0 149 389), any thoughts where to pull switched 12V from?? (yes I have the 12V-6V hardwire adapter power cable for the XM).

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