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fpmlt said:
Don't know how often some of you guys get out here into Central Oregon, but if you're inclined to ride Hwy 380 (that's the highway that takes off from Prineville, through Post and Paulina, and onto Hwy 395 just south of John Day), reconsider. Just road it yesterday. The east end, about 51 miles worth, is torn all to heck. It's doable, but nasty.
I was there on the 'Strom last October and 380 wasn't all that bad, however it turns to Forest Service 63 that you took and that is a lousy road (has been for a few years) but if you had turned south on FS 68 they ground up only 5 miles of that crappy stuff and packed some gravel that I'd take the LT on. FS 68 will drop you onto SR 20 just west of Hines... fun road actually.

Glad you got your ride in and returned home safely.
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