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napping me/LT

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I didn't know there was a humor forum on this site intil today. I first posted this story on the LT site because I didn't know there was a more appropriate place. So if you're read this before, forgive me - I seem to repeat myself a lot lately.

I don't tell jokes very often because I cannot remember them. This joke is on me but it is too good to keep to myself. And it's easy to retell because the movie version is still available for reruns in my memory.

Early in my LT experience, I stopped at Rochester Dam. That is the same one that John Prine sings about in his '70's hit song "Paradise", as in "Daddy Won't You Take Me Back To Muhlenberg County". There was one vehicle, a station wagon, in the parking lot but nobody in sight.

I decided that I would just stretch out for a while and was actually reclining on top of the LT, head between the bars and legs over the top case, when she decided to take a nap. And yes, that was a pretty awkward dismount. I had never picked her up by myself before and had never seen the video but had had the technique described to me.

It would have been more embarrassing I thought, if anyone had seen what had happened, but still some things are embarrassing even when there are no witnesses. That was one of them.

So in a flourish, I went about the task of trying to get her righted before anyone saw my predicament. This was not the time to try to figure out "the technique" as I was in a hurry. So in a couple of attempts, trying to muscle her back up, I was able to get pretty close but not securely on the side stand.

I had expended about as much available energy as I dared and reality was sinking in, so I decided to look for help. I still hadn't seen anyone around. I thought that whoever belonged to the station wagon was probably down by the water and I was hoping I would find at least one full grown man. The station wagon was parked right by the pathway down to the water and when I approached it I couldn't help but notice that the back windows were fogged up. Even closer I saw that the car was rocking.

This was not the time to knock on the window and ask for help, so I walked past them, down to the dam and watched the water run by. After a while I went back up to the parking lot. You guessed it, there was a man and a woman and they were out of their car so I asked the man if he would help me.

He didn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish so all I could do was point to my bike, laid over on her side and make some gestures to communicate my need. He finally understood or perhaps finally acknowledged what I was asking. Fortunately he had enough energy left over from his previous exercise to help. When we got her back up on two wheels I was way past ready to get back on the road - zoom - zoom
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Good thing he didn't say "Well I'm sorry good man, but you're too late in askin' cause my wee body got drained from haulin' that lay...." :rolleyes:
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