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My wife and I have the N-Com BT and recently purchased a 2005 LT with BMW communications system. With both plugged in we both get music from the BMW system, but voice communication will not override it and it appears that our voice communication is going through the BT not the BMW system, so if I get a tap on the shoulder I either mute the music or turn it off so we can talk.. I tried unpairing the BT and then we have nothing, not even the music. I've installed the J & M headsets in a second pair of 3/4 helmets we have and it works seamlessly in that manner, so I am considering trashing the N-Com and installing the J & M. Anyone with similar problems that have been successfully resolved? Any suggestions? I've talked with the folks at Nolan with little success. Another thought may be removing the BT kit and trying it with just the Nolan Basic.
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