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Greetings All,

After wading thru a helmet drama (never mind... long, boring, EXPENSIVE story) I finally have two Shoei J-Wings Intercomm capable just in time to take my bike in for it's break in service while the family & I drive down to Fontana for the NASCAR races this weekend. Go figure!

Anyway, after 800 break-in miles, I have no real issues. A couple of the chrome dress up strips on the left side fairing at the radiator outlet have started to peel off. Hopefully the service folks will find some killer glue and fix 'em up. Also, the sensor on the top of my rear drive hub appears to be leaking oil. Doesn't seem to be serious at all. That said, I resisted the urge to clean that area. I wanted the dealer to see what I am talking about. Biggest concern :rolleyes: ? Tooling along in 5th gear, listening to Boney James or the Rippingtons and getting pulled over for doing God knows what in a 65 MPH zone! Please keep the good words coming. Thanks.

:bmw: Bruce
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