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I had the tupperware off the bike (again) a couple of weeks ago (the day before I was about to use it to go to the UK :() and when I was putting it back together, I dropped one of the bolts which fastens the stingray (near the lock on the tank) inside the bike.

I swore quietly, picked up the other bolt and dropped that one in the same place!

Then I realised neither bolt had fallen through. I probed around with a magnet on a telescopic probe - no luck. I removed all the tupperware (again) - still couldn't find it.

Does anybody know where those two bolts are likely to end up (has anybody else done that?)

It looks as if I'm going to get to see what the bike looks like with the fuel tank removed. :(

(I ended up having to take my tin can to the UK - my 1100RT is in bits, too.)
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