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My new Rick Mayer seats came in yesterday and wifey and I were finally able to take the first ride of the season on the LT. To me it's not spring until you can take a night-ride without getting all bundled up...last night was purrrrfect! Still 68 degrees when we got home at 9:00pm, clear skies and clear roads. We rode for about an hour after I mounted the new leather beauties and the first impression was that they were worth every penny!

I FAXed the order for the seats in January and got a call from Rick Mayer that night so he could gather more details about my and my wife's complaints and concerns about our existing seats. He advised me not to bother paying to re-cover my Bak-Up back rest because the vinyl on it matched pretty well with the leather and I'd probably not notice the difference, he gave me advice on removing and replacing the passenger backrest that proved invaluable in the reassembly process, and spent all the time he needed interviewing me about how we fit the bike.
As it turned out the "build date" for our seats was smack in the middle of the move of his facility...the seats still shipped on time! The only complaint I have is that I bought the rain cover for the seats and it doesn't fit over the Bak-Up.

I've gotta tell you, we LOVE our new seats. Mine is cut lower to allow for my shorter inseam but still nicely padded and bucketed (is that a word?). The wider overall profile and "sidewall" construction in place of the original continuous cover do make for some interesting new pressure points when my legs are down but that is of small concern and pretty manageable. And, hey, isn't the whole idea of this to put your legs down less often? ;)

Time will now tell how they break in, problems may develop but RM promises to fix anything we don't like and I promised him to give them that break in period. If they only get better then I will be ecstatic!!
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