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I am aware that there have been previous posts re K1200LT mirror repairs where the ABS plastic surrounding the stupid ball joint mounting method has broken.
Here is what I did with mine: The forward most section of the mirror frame that houses the front clip had broken on more than one occasion on both mirrors and the local motorcycle plastics repair shop had done their best to weld them but it is difficult when the mirrors are assembled as they could not get to the back of that failed area.
So I decided that I would need to replace the broken sections this time. Two of these cost me over 400 bucks in the land down under. So then I needed to get the mirrors apart and my great CD based manual simply said to dismantle them by removing a screw to remove the plastic trim (turns out there are three screws) and to simply remove the mirror glass,
I struggled with how to remove the glasses and eventuallly (through this forum) found the MUTH site which had some instructions.
With all the best intentions and tools we simply could not get the mirror glasses off and in one case the swivel housing that the glass connects to came apart before even the now cracked mirror came off. The method of the mirror to swivel housing attachment is not unlike a fish hook in that is designed for one direction only which explains the level of difficulty.
Beleive me when I say that I did my best to get these apart without damage as I now had to spend another 190 bucks for 2 new glasses.
However now that they were fully apart I decided to simply repair and strengthen the original housings and what has been done will, I believe, prevent further failures. Reassembly was simple and the new miror glasses almost fell into place when compared to removal. See my pics.
Oh: I now have 2 new housings that I probably do not need!
As they say: It is only money.


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