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After a winter of indecision, I finally bought a Garmin Zumo 665. I decided to mount it to my 2010 k1200LT via a ram mount to the top of the brake reservoir and using a “wide” Aquabox. I know the 665 is supposed to be waterproof, but I have a watch that is supposed to be waterproof to 100 meters, that fogs up every time I wear it in the rain. I'm looking to protect my investment. The box interior measures 4" x 6" 1.75".

The 665 is on it’s way from Amazon. The ram mount, medium ram arm, and Aquabox are coming from Whitehorse gear.

Here is the question: Should I have ordered the Motorcycle mounting kit with the 665? Or does the Garmin come with the necessary wiring?

Has anyone here done this before? :bmw:

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The 665 should come with the motorcycle mount as well.

The Aquabox is unnecessary overkill that will just make it harder to use the touchscreen.

My 665 has been through biblical rain (seriously, several counties were declared disaster areas after I passed through) and it hasn't missed a beat.

Just mount it using the included motorcycle mount and be done with it.
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