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I've been reading the forum posts on Garmin Nav 6 issues. I have gotten some valuable insight to some of the problems I have experienced with my 10 month old Nav 6. I have had the usual strange screen behavior several times with the most recent one just a few days ago and resulted in the unit becoming locked into an endless cycle of powering up and shutting down. I did find it curious that using a Canbus battery charger while the Garmin is mounted on the bike is mentioned as a possible source of Nav 6 trouble. I used my (exorbitantly priced) BMW charger recently with the GPS mounted on the dash. Maybe there's something to that though I'm pretty sure I did the same thing last spring without having the GPS go buggy on me.

In the latest episode, I started the ride with the GPS screen "ghosting" a random and inaccurate position. Touching the screen had no effect and I left it alone until I reached my destination. Off the bike, I removed the GPS, rebooted it manually which did not change it's behavior. Then I pressed and held the power button on the back of the unit until it shut off. That only made the problem worse. The unit seemed to power up normally but after the maps loaded the screen changed to white with a black dot in the middle of black crosshairs at the lower left and the words "touch dot". That display only showed for about two seconds and then the unit shut down. Nothing I did changed the endless loop of loading and shutting down whether in or out of the dash mount. The unit did shut off, or sleep using the power button on back but not while mounted in the dash.

I contacted Garmin and after a few questions (via website chat) I was told to return it for a replacement and I received email instructions. I naively, and incorrectly assumed Garmin would cover the return shipping charges. I printed out the emails, boxed the unit and went the FedEx the next morning where I found out an exchange request is not the same as a return authorization. I didn't want to delay the process so I paid $19 to ship it back to Garmin.

Back home, I contacted Garmin about the shipping and was told Garmin should have paid for the return shipping but there was no mechanism to reimburse me. The support tech offered an accessory (a Garmin branded camera bag) to make up for the shipping which I accepted with no other recourse.

There was no explanation why I didn't get the return authorization during my first contact with support.

I'm lucky I saved the GPS data from my last tour onto my computer. I use some of the GPS info when putting a video together for friends. I ran into the same limitations with the VIRB app on the Nav 6 during my last tour and found it wasn't practical to use while riding. I tried using the Garmin VIRB app on my phone instead and it's performance was inconsistent and frustrating. Garmin makes some great hardware but I have been super frustrated with some of their software, including Basecamp. The screen on the Nav 6 is clear and readable in any lighting condition, especially in comparison to my friend's older Zumo.

It sounds like the combative relationship between Garmin and BMW Motorrad is ending with the new TFT dash display on the 2021 models.
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