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Cool stuff. Had been moaning about not having any bad weather to experience with my 376c. Drove through a few hours of rain today and was actually able to circumvent some of the wx by knowing where it was and where it looked like it was going. Started in Tulsa this morning and arrived west of Chicago about an hour ago.

Here's a composition of four shots:

* summary of my BBG trip and return. left Tuesday night, made 1500+ miles in 24 hours, continued on to Vegas and was there for less than a day (a work thing). Turned around and came right home. Isn't that what riding is all about?

* national view with nexrad, cloud cover, fronts, and hurricane track (the red line on the right side of the image) you can also see the massive swirl of the clounds down in the south east.

* regional view with same. dotted orange line across Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana is a weather front called a trough.

* 3mi view near home to give you an idea of how to view the nexrad data up close. look close you'll see the dotted line to the left of home - that was my track.


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