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Finally ditched my halogen driving lights on my 09 RT and installed a pair of MondoMotos MM10 LEDs.

MondoMotos MM10 Bullet LED Auxiliary Light Kit (V3) | MondoMotos Motorcycle Lighting, LED Lighting and Accessories

I used the same mounting brackets under the oil cooler as I had for the halogens. The lights are small and came with a wiring harness and relay, but I just used the portion of the harness with the weatherproof connectors for the bullet lights and made my own custom harness to a switched circuit on the Fuzeblock FZ-1 and a selector switch on the left (no) radio panel.

Instead of using a relay, I installed a Skene IQ-175A controller and a weatherproof SPDT switch (on-off-on) and programmed it to give me 3 lighting levels (20%, 40% and 70%). When you go to hi beam the MM10s go to 100%.

Skene Design Motorcycle Visibility Lights

The controller can be programmed for Driving Light or Fog Light Mode; the difference is that in Fog Light Mode the LEDs turn off when you go to hi beam.

No Canbus adapter needed for this controller and lights, so I was happy....and a lot less current draw (1.6A total as opposed to 6A) for the same or better amount of light with a 25-degree beam spread.

The Alert feature on the IQ-175A is interesting...double-tap the hi beam and it flashes the LEDs for two seconds...will be useful for waking up a brain-dead cager, or getting the attention of someone in front of me on a group ride 馃槣

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I ditched my halogen lights. Cheap and a pain in the arse. I'll be interested to see how these hold up. I would like to find an affordable option that lasts. Although the Clearwater stuff is nice the price is high but the Denali lights from tourtech is less it's still quite a bit more than these MondoMotos. Keep us posted.
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