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Becker BMW Professional 2000 Cassette / radio
Sony Minidisc changer
Connect2 interface.

The Connect2 interface came with a loom adapter consisting of a male and female plug. There was no room for this, so after testing the rig, the cable was cut and spliced directly into the loom onside the radio housing. Only three connections were needed, power, ground and I-Bus. It was a little strange that the CD enable and bus connections were not used on the mini plug. That carried only left and right audio into the head unit.

Initial testing didn't see the minidisc changer, but after inserting a cassette, I was able to switch between radio, cassette and Minidisc changer. Handlebar controls worked as expected.

Installing the interface was a matter of finding exactly the right spot on top of the radio, inside the housing, there was JUST enough room.

The exit grommet was sliced to make space for the Sony bus and audio cables to come through. These cables were then routed through the frame to the right pannier. Bringing the cables through required a 20mm hole in two skins. These were both blind grommeted and cut for the cable.

Once this was done, the system failed testing again. All cables were checked and fuses pulled. It only started working again once the battery had been disconnected. It would appear that the 12V feed to the radio is not on the radio fuse, only the switched supply. The interface uses the continuous supply and so would not reset by pulling the radio fuse. Once reset, it started to work correctly and the changer bracket was fixed into place.


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