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What we have here is an interface to connect the Midland 75-822 CB radio directly to the BMW 6 pin headset wiring. Additionally, I added a Motorola FRS 2.5mm plug which works on pretty much any 2.5mm single jack Motorola FRS radio. The only difficult part was finding a corded 2.5mm stereo plug as it is 12mm in length instead of the standard 11mm. The red button in the photo is a microphone cutout for the FRS as it is possible to broadcast on both radios at the same time. To disable the Midland I just unplug the microphone jack but it would be simple to add a cutout switch for it as well. This setup negates music in the helmet and use of the intercom so I realize it's not for everyone but I thought some of you might be interested.

Radio Shack:
project box 270-1801
172-2003 2.5mm corded jack
172-2005 3.5mm corded jack
16HR656 6 pin DIN jack

Scrounged Up:
2.5mm x 12mm stereo corded jack.
(I need a new Motorola cordless phone headset)


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Did you plug into the jack in the oddments box? Do you have the BC3 system from J&M? I would like to hook up a Midland 75-822 to my BC3 and have been wondering how to do it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks and God Bless, Ed
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