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MC Superstore Tire Sale

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I just bought a front and rear BTO20 reinforced v rated front and rear on sale now for 122 and 99 with no delivery charge. Seems like a great price! I called and confirmed they are the reinforced tire.
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That is about right price for the front. I just bought one for $98. Rear seems like a decent price as well.
I just paid $150 for front Metzler at a local shop and had then put it on. I take the back 1 off my self and last time out I put my 1st Bstone on the rear and have 14k on it and I think it will go another 3k at least. The most I've gotten out of the Metz rear is a round 14k. Plus the Bstone seems to be cupping a lot less and is not near as noisy as the Metz rear is at about 8k miles. I got almost 17500 miles out of the metz front the last metz front made 22k. I'm very happy with the way tires last on the LT.
I bought a 2002 LT last year with < 5000, it has nearly 8000 now. It has the original ME880's that are around 10 years old, so I also bought the Bridgestones. Guess I'll just feel safer with new tires on, especially for that price. Thanks for the tip, if it wasn't tor this tread I'd have bought the Metzlers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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