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Changes made from version 6.9.1 to 6.10.2:

* Added support for postal code based address finding in the UK. This is available in newer European map products and will show up as a new tab in the 'Find Places' dialog.
* Added graphical track editing. To enable track editing, turn on the track edit toolbar by going to 'View->Show Toolbars->Track Edit'.
* Added the ability to select a track's display color. This affects how tracks are displayed in MapSource and compatible units. Tracks previously imported from certain units (such as the Quest 2) might show up as black. This has been corrected for tracks newly received from these units, but previously received tracks will need to be manually changed.
* Modified the drawing of interstates and highways so that the line width changes based on the map's zoom level.
* Added support for entering Japanese addresses in Kanji as well as Kana in compatible map products.
* Change to solve a problem running MapSource on specific Windows locales, such as Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R), Chinese (Macau S.A.R), and Arabic (U.A.E).
* Change to solve a problem viewing the properties of route waypoints in Dutch MapSource.
* Change to increase the precision displayed in the proximity setting on the Waypoint Dialog.
* Changes to make creating error reports more robust.
* Change to remember the 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' layout setting for printing.
* Change to provide more robust communication with Pocket PC units, such as the iQue M3 and M5. Communication errors that are generated when talking to the iQue M5 are commonly caused by a software problem with the iQue M5. A software release for the M5 to address this problem is available now.
* Change so that routes calculated in MapSource won't cause driving direction problems on certain units, such as the Quest.
* Change so that MapSource is compatible with 512 MB Garmin data cards when the card is in the unit and data is transferred to the unit (via USB or serial). The 512 MB Garmin data cards are not currently compatible with the USB data card programmer.
* Changed the Route Dialog so that it won't prevent name changes that differ by only case. For example, 'my route' can now be renamed to 'My Route'.
* Fixed some issues with the Dutch and Norwegian translations.
* Fixed an issue where the Reset button on the Find Places Dialog didn't clear all of the fields properly.
* Fixed an issue with finding certain types of features in the Find Places Dialog with the same categories that are displayed in their properties.
* Fixed an issue where the maps tab was sorted incorrectly after inserting or removing selected maps.
* Fixed an issue with creating map size estimates when the map product contains DEM data.
* Fixed an issue with reporting elevations of small bodies of water in detailed maps of map products that contains DEM data.
* Fixed an issue with displaying properties for port services with limited information in marine maps.
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