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Maintenance Schedule K1200 Lt

I have looked through all the seperate booklets that came with the bike. I have found the place where you stamp a service has been done in the "Mainteance Insrtuctions" booklet and the "Emissions Schedule" in the "Consumer warranty" booklet. I then see in the "riders manual" booklet they tell you to go to for the complete maintenance schedule, but of course that web page does not exist.

So my question is where can i find a comprehensive list of recommended service intervals and what should be done at each one for the 1200 LT. I searched this site but only found one for the RT. (The poor site search needs a thread of it's own and is probably the reason for so many repeat postings of the same issues).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok let me see if I can guide you.

1. Top of page click "Technical"

2. Select "Hall of Wisdom"

3. Select "Maintenance"

4 Select "k) General"

5. Select "7) Maintenance work sheets."

I guess it could be easier but then we would have buttons all over the page.

Keep hunting all the info is out there some where or with some one.

Having said all that here is a more up to date schedule.


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