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Well Hello everybody,

the names Brendan,

I live in Ireland and have recently imported from the USA a 2003 K1200LT needing some electrical work. All is going fine but I have some queries. I have checked in the Hall of Wisdom but could not answer any of my questions there, so here goes my plea for help;

1 In the relay box there is an orange connector with no cables connected to one side of it, its located behind the small square cover, what is it for?

2 On the left side there are 4 connectors, one going onto each of the 4 injectors, but I have a spare connector with 2 green wires and a piece of white tape the same as the injector connectors, what does this connect to?

The frame # shows that an alarm was standard equipment on this bike but I cannot see any alarm components at all. Where should all the alarm components be located?

My reason for not knowing this, is that the bike came to me with the wiring loom already removed due to a slight fire.

Any help would be greately appreciated.

Thanks for now.

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Hi Brendan,

I'm not familiar with the inside of the relay box, but the factory alarm is mounted under the trunk. Remove the trunk then remove the large black cover to see it.
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