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This is NOT an oil thread. :dance:

Just before I left for vacation, I liberally swabbed the kickstand pivot with Moly Lube...because I didn't when I serviced the bike, and I figured, what the heck, it's something to do.

Put the bike on the sidestand today for the first time since I did that...nearly blew out my hipjoint it moved so easily!

Since I got the bike used, there are little things that I don't know are incorrect (like the effort it takes to use the kickstand), so it was a nice surprise. I'm sure I looked pretty odd, straddling the bike in the parking lot, extending and retracting the kickstand while laughing maniacally.
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It's important alright, just the same as the following examples - Lever pivots, footpeg pivots, hydraulic rear shock preload adjuster screw, seat latch pivot, just to name a few. They are all mundane, but they make a big difference to the overall condition of the bike over time. We could start a "pivot lube" thread. :D My tip for the day (maybe we could start 1 of those too) - if you don't have a bike cover and you are out in the rain overnight, cover the throttle with a plastic bag and tape it in place. Keeps out the rain. ;)
On the windscreen pivots, when I first got my '05 the windscreen drive seemed sluggish so I lubed all the pivots with a white Krytox containing product while I was resetting the speedo needle. Now she's a slick bit of gear, real smooth and lively. Same for the gear shift ball joints. ;)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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