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LT Suspension - Can It Be Lowered A Bit?

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I own a 2005 LT. Love the bike, but it's a bit tall for me. I have to use tip toes when it's at rest.

Has anyone had any positive experience with lowering the suspension a bit (assuming that it can be done)?

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davebullock said:
Dave here in Waukesha. I just had my seat lowered at Astech seats in IN last week-they shaved off some of the seat giving me better traction when I stop. I'm 5'10" and was always wishing for a bit more leg room. Great guys, quick service-plus it made a nice one day ride down and the next day back. reasonable price made this a good solution.
Dave, thanks. How does the revised seat feel? And do you think the price was fair?
Thanks for your help!

Here's the update: I've done two things that have helped the situation.

First, I rode to Astech in Jonesboro, Indiana and had my worn-out Corbin seat rebuilt. They also lowered the seat about .5 inch in the process. Great job! Rode back home happy, six hours in the saddle, no discomfort. $185; I got to watch, and they did three trial fittings with me before the job was finalized. Highly recommended.

Second, I bought a pair of Carolina waterproof electrical lineman's boots that look like logger's boots with the higher heel and thicker sole. That combined with the seat repairs above have enabled me to flat foot the LT.

The next issue will be to rebuild the suspension. The stock suspension has 43K miles on it, including a long trip to and through Alaska, and it's pretty well worn out. Perhaps this winter, Oehlins or Wilburs, not sure which one.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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