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Just got home from Iron Horse.

Really nice to see many of the group from April's LT Training Camp.

OK, yall that stayed away because of the weather forcast missed some really nice riding days.!!!

It was COLD at night- 30 and when we got up in the morning the fog hung around till 10 AM. There was still snow above 5000' on the Cherohala, but the roads were all clear and safe. Part of the Blue Ridge was closed due to BLACK ICE. But John and Charlene had the fire going all the time and meals were really good. The Prime rid Saturday night was excellent.

Day temps were in the 50's. Really nice riding.

Rahnda & I stayed a while this morning and rode up to Deals Gap just for fun and to let the tent dry out some. Deals Gap was almost deserted. I counted only 6-8 bikes at the station and saw about 8 on the road. Few cars either and the sun was out.

When we left Iron Horse about 2, it was 76 degrees...nice day.

A big Thanks again to Don for putting this together!!!! THANKS.
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