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I thought I had lost my Geza cover for my 2000 LT so I promptly re-ordered a new one because I really loved it and couldn't be without it.
Guess what, I found it shortly after I had placed the replacement order.
I called Geza to cancel the order but they had already started on the production. Since it required cutting, etc., Tom from Geza said I would be charged a "restocking" fee. OK, my fault. Then Tom asked me if I wanted the cover for $175.00 instead of the approx. $300.00 I agreed to pay. I didn't want a 2nd cover, then I thought of my friends on this forum. If any could use a great cover for an early model LT that has no top case this is a great bargain. Tom said if anyone bought the cover I wouldn't have to pay the restocking fee. A win/win.
If you are interested note the following:
Geza cover for an early model LT - no topcase
Elite-Plus Series - Large
Cover Stuff Bag
Tom at Geza Gear Cover Sales: 703 624 6246
[email protected]
For a view of the cover (7 paragraphs down from page)
Geza Gear Stretchable Custom Motorcycle Covers | Customer Testimonials
Note: I don't have any business association with Geza Gear, but I won't have to pay the restocking fee - but that is OK, I am doing this because I really like the product and recommend it highly and would be a great bargain for any of our Forum members or others.
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