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The PIAA Cross Country auxiliary lights had a bulb that burned out for the 3rd time in three years. Rather than replace it, I want more powerful driving lights, slightly wider than a traditional pencil beam pattern. I was never satisfied with the PIAA lights. I don't mind spending the $$$ for a great lighting kit. Does anyone have experience with:
- Future Vision HID 90mm HID Auxiliary Driving Light Kit?
- Hella Micro DE Xenon auxiliary lights?
A few years ago I saw an LT with very large auxiliary lights made by Philips. I do not know which model and I was unable to locate a match through several internet searches as well as checking the lighting sub-forum. Whatever lights I get, I'll find a shop to fabricate mounting brackets if none are available. I'd like to mount the lights high as possible, and without the risk of light bleeding back into the windscreen.
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