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Lower fuel tank protector?

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I've only got 13k on my RT but the lower fuel tank area is getting scuffed from my pants and won't probably buff out.

Any idea on tank protectors? Pads, plastic film, whatever?

Thanks in advance,

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I had a full Venture Shield (3M) package applied to my RT when new and it still looks good today. The local dealer guarantees the product for as long as the purchaser owns the bike. That means that if any portion discolors, loosens, curls or becomes damaged the dealer will replace at no cost.

To date Venture Shield has protected my bikes finish very well. Check out the website, or search You Tube, it will give you a place to start.
you could also try one of the tank pad options such as Wundeluch or Tech-spec. I have used the "snake skin" Tech-Spec's on my sport bikes and like them. You can peel them off and reapply them
with no adhesive residue and they make custom cuts for lots of bikes including the RT.
Thanks baldtires,

The tank pads look perfect!

Ordering now.

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