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Low idle speed after clutch replacement

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Just completed reassembly of my 2005 LT after installing a new clutch. Everything when well and the bike runs great except the idel speed is very low and the bike will stall after a few seconds of slow idle. I did not remove the fuel rails, thottle bodies or any of the throttle cables during the clutch replacement. Any ideas before I remove the tank and take a look at the trottle assembly? BTW I did the throttle position sensor reset ( ingnition on without engine running, full throttle 3-4 times ingintion off) at did not see any change in the idle speed.
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When you raised the rear frame to tilt the engine and transmission for transmission removal, did the rubber "boots" (do not know the correct name) come off the tops of the injector area? Mine did.

Loosen the clamps at the bottom of the boots, and push boots back up (mine came off at top) or down as appropriate to get them back on nice and snug. If you have an air gap there, will probably run like crap at low idle.

FWIW, separation was greatest at rearmost cylinder, as one might expect due to the tilt angle.

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