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It happened an hour ago. I was about to leave the supermarket parking lot, and as I was just putting my flip-up helmet on, this very little, very fragile and very old lady came to me, limping:

«What's the microphone for?», she asked (I have the very good Sena SMH-10 system.)

«It's... to talk.», I replied. Her eyes went wide:

«To talk? To yourself?», she asked in awe.

Dear old lady! She had already made my day, and I wanted to kiss her. But we were not finished.

«No, it's to talk on my cell phone, and to other bikers who have the same system as me.», I said. Her eyes went even bigger:

«Other bankers?», she said.

I was falling in love with this lady by the second. Then she asked:

«Can you go far with this motorcycle?»

«Oh, yes, I can go around the globe.» (I ride a 1200 RT.)

«Oh, really?» She was stunned. There was a pause. Then she went:

«Have you started yet?»

I swear I am not making up one word. What a wonderful world, don't you think?
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