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I just bought what appears to be a great set of Ohlins Front and Rear shocks that came from a salvaged 1999 K1200LT. The ad included a video of the bike, miles (35,518 miles) and the Ohlins taken from the bike. I just got the shocks today and they look great. I bought them from a dealer in Remsen, NY and I just want to say they did a fantastic job of wrapping and sending these to me. You'd almost think they were new.

I'm looking to see if the previous owner is out here somewhere to get a little history on the Ohlins before I put them on such as what weights were they set up for and how many miles and when they were put on. Any info would be a big help before I either put them on or send them in for a check over before summer.

Here is a picture of the bike and shocks.


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You can contact an Ohlins dealer and they can tell you what those springs are rated for. Like mostly 2 up or solo, heavy or light.
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