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Looking for input on 07 GS

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Any advice regarding issues with an 07 GS with 34k miles? I currently have an 03LT and a 2000 RT. The plan is to trim the RT from the herd and replace it with this 07 GS I have found. I understand the final drive fluid is a hardship to replace because the lack of a drain plug etc... Owner of GS says he just flushed brake and clutch fluids along with overall maintainance at 30k. Bike has Vario bags and engine crash bars and new rubber. NADA has it worth $10k--Kelly has it at $11.5 k. The bike looks clean and solid and signs of any off road use are absent. Anyone guess on what a real life fair price would be? I'm thinking it can be had for around $9000. Thanks for any input. I soooo wanna get dirty.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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