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I have posted this on the old site but I felt I needed to post it again. I have continued to have dealings with Long Beach BMW, even though I am on the other side of the world. They really are a helpful bunch of people.

In July '05, I shipped my K12LT to the USA, from Australia, for a two month tour of the country. I had previously contacted Bruce Kentner, Service Manager of Long Beach BMW who agreed to accept delivery, uncrate and re-asseble the bike and crate it up again for return, all for a reasonable price. The the bike was delayed at Customs for a week after I arrived i the country due to paperwork and I was left without transport. Bruce kindly organised for a loan bike for me until mine was cleared (at no cost).

When I did get the bike the techs pointed out that the front pads needed replacing (something I had overlooked) and a fork seal had blown during the sea voyage, probably due to being under pressure for such a long time.

To add to my troubles, the wiring on the cruise contol burnt out and the entire switch module had to be replaced. I expected that this was going to delay my trip for untold days, perhaps even a week. But to my relief, the staff at Long Beach BMW, had the bike back on the road for me withing two days. The only reason it took that long was because they had to get the cruise control freighted in overnight.

We managed to successfully complete most of our 8,000 mile trip until a rear drive failure in Arizona, finally put an end to it. Thankfully we had only three days to go and got to see everything we wanted.

We returned to Long Beach with the bike on the back of a U Haul and again the staff at Long Beach BMW bent over backwards to help, offering advice on what he problem was and the most economical way to resolve it (in this case, get it fixed back in Australia). They cleaned the bike up like new, re-packed it and my trailer and Bruce even gave us a ride back to our hotel in Anaheim, saving us a huge cab fare.

We are extremely pleased wih the service shown us by Bruce Kentner and his crew and I would certainly recommend them.
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