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Does anyone know of a place / web site that I can look to see what is the current firmware released for my bike and my BMW C3 comm gear? Is there a place in the menus that show what is currently installed?

My limited understanding is the bike's firmware is accessible only via the shop's computer with a connection to the factory. I still would like to know beforehand what firmware the bike should have before going into the shop.

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The short answer is that I don't believe the information you seek is available to customers.

On other BMW CanBus bikes, owners are able to use the GS-911 tool to read CanBus codes, including firmware versions stored in the various modules.

One complication is that BMW refers to software upgrades by an overall version number, which covers multiple updates to multiple bike models. For example, Version #17 may include any number of smaller updates for many different modules, all of which will have their own specific version number.

Some owners have logged the various module software version numbers, then gone in for a specific update, then re-logged the module numbers to see what has changed. But this is merely educated guessing and doesn't tell the whole picture, especially since BMW's Diagnostic Computer has the ability to load only specific modules on any particular bike.

Another complication is that the GS-911 does not currently work with the K16 bikes, as BMW changed the CanBus protocols and the socket pinouts. I understand that the GS-911 folks have received a K16 bike for testing, and they're working on decoding the new protocols. This is a big job, and so there is no expected release date yet.

As for the BMW Communication System, right now, there is no easy method for upgrading its internal firmware, or even checking the current firmware version. I understand that BMW is working on a firmware upgrade for this system but until it becomes available, along with the tools and procedures to do the upgrade, then what you have is what you get.

Welcome to the fine world of BMW motoring. :bmw:
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