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A motorcycle lullaby

Daddy, ride. We ride now?"
Gunner asked his dad, Big John.
"Me go for ride. Right now. Please!"
Big John said. "We'll see, my son."

Gunner had inside his little head
A motorcycle - big and blue
He longed to ride one every day
His daddy, Big John knew.

In Gunner's dreams he rode each night
The wind whistling on by...
His dad, Big John beside him
As they rode up the mountains high.

Together son and father
Smiles upon their face
Rode dusty trails and pot holed roads
Traveling place to place.

The sand from the road
and horseflies from the North...
Stuck between their teeth.
They sang together...
And their laughter rang
Over the hills so sweet.

One night, Big John pushed
the throttle down..
And they took off into the sky...
Doing wheelies around
ole' Grandpa Moon
And the shooting stars going by.

Gunner laughed
At the things he saw...
He looked into his daddy's face.
Big John laughed too
as he said to his son
"Hey Gunner.
You're in Outer Space!"

They cornered the rings
'round Saturn...
Gunned down the Milky Way...
Together they soared
through the evening skies...
Till night blended into day.

"It's time to go home, son"
Big John said.
"Look... down there's... the farm."
Gunner smiled as he nestled
his sleepy head into his dad's
big arms.

Together they rode
down the rainbow...
They shot past the moon up above...
Father and son wheeled up to
the old farm door...
Where mommy waited...
with love.
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