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By chance any members live in Latvia?
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fhrenchuk said:
By chance any members live in Latvia?
Niksons joined Aug 22nd, 2011, has 73 posts, and was active here on the forums today. He lists Riga as his town.

sys9291 joined Jul 4th, 2008, has no posts, and was last here on Oct 6th, 2008. Also listed hometown as Riga, LAtvia

Glad to see you and Niksons participate in the discussions. Best always.
Will check out and thank you. Have a good weekend. Fred
Riga ist eine sehr schöne Stadt. War mit meinem Brüderchen Tom schon dort. Wenn Du mal mit Deiner LT nach Deutschland kommst........bist hier jederzeit herzlich bei mir willkommen!

Hartmut der Smutje
I can recommend Smutje's hotel. He and his wife, Monique, treated Ruth and I like royalty when we stayed there. The room was fantastic, the beer was excellent and varied and the food Smutje cooked was out of this world.

Not a lot of room for complaint there!! :)

Right now I am in Corsica :dance: With my beemer

But yes, I am latvian and live in Riga


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Oh mein Keith,

für dieses Lob muß ich mit Dir ein Bier im Juli trinken ( es können auch 2 werden ! )

Freue mich Euch in Saltburn zu sehen!

Hartmut der Smutje mit Monique der Glücklichen
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