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Hey all!

There is still some CCR 2005 (aka Moose logo) merchandise left, and it is being cleared out -- see this post for details:

Note that you do NOT need to have attended CCR in Jackson to buy this merchandise. Just a few quick comments on a couple of items:

The backpack (which works perfectly as an inexpensive LT topcase liner!) is a great addition to any LT, especially if you don't already have a topcase bag.

The short-sleeve T-shirts (moose CCR logo on front, two-up motoman on back) make no mention of the date or place, so they are "timeless" CCR items! (I know the photo on the merchandise page shows the date/place underneath, but the final version did not have that text.)

Finally, the caps are not your typical cotton caps. They look normal, but are special Coolmax material that are MUCH cooler for those of you living/riding in hotter climes.

So...go to the link above and order your merchandise while there's still some remaining. Once it's gone, it's gone forever!
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