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I installed the lowbeam H-7 HID kit from HID ONLINE on my 05 in the early part of the year. While I was impressed with the brilliance of the light it disturbed cars and trucks I was passing. I Never got flashed by oncoming traffic just friendly one finger gestures from folks I passed at night.

The light pattern of the bulb was directing a wedge of light to the right and upward just enough to catch the rear view mirrors of cars I was coming up on. The light adjustment knob was turned all the way down.

After e-mailing Janet at HID-ONLINE about the problem we agreed on a $70 refundable deposit to send the new bulb while they waited for my old one. she sent me a new bulb and my old one went back to HID. It, of course, tested defective and Janet wrote to tell me so and refund the $70.

This story has an even happier ending. In the course of our correspondence I told Janet of my displeasure with the highbeam HID H-9 kit I purchased from another vendor. The H-9 kit I purchased did not have a relay(manufacture stated it did not need one because of the lower 10 amp ballast) nor was it as well built as HID-ONLINE's. Furthermore, it was a 6100K color light and IMHO way too blue in color.

I asked her if I could use the H-9 ballast I had but get a 4200K H-9 bulb and wiring harness from her to replace what I had. She agreed to send everything I need for a little over $100 including shipping. She also informed me of the technical reasons for the relay:

" should be able to use the ballast they show two types one looks like a Hella but is a copy and the other is a photo of a Hella ballast not sure which you have but it will work with the lamp, you will however have to convert the connectors to match ours, we would never recommend wiring any HID system directly so would always recommend a wiring harness with relay and fuse for 2 very important reasons, 1. to protect your wiring because your vehicle is not designed to cope with the 23KV strike current of the HID and without protecting it and running a safe system you potentially risk melting the switching at best and at worst causing a fire. 2. If the existing halogen wiring is used to fire the ballast there will be issues with hot re-strike which causes problems where the lamp will not strike and it will damage the life of the ballast".

At the time I purchased my H-7 HID ONLINE said they were not going to manufacture a H-9 kit. So I went elsewhere. It will be nice to have the right color light (for me) and a proper kit to protect the bike's systems.

This is a very fine company with absolutely the best of customer service.
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