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Just wondered how your doing, still lurking on the forum, back on the road yet?

Lost your e-mails from last year, just curious how it all went and if you are riding.

Have been passing by one Saturday night or so/mo. Lehighton to Bangor, to 512S, 248N to 209 and home again. Have done three rides so far, weather and traffic at 10pm-1AM, has been wonderful. Ordered Cardo Q2's for com, just too difficult and dangerous not having communications between us.

Used to be a nice ride to Dingman's, but road conditions via the last exit in Pa through Shawnee, is terrible to say the least.

If not, hope you have recovered and are back on the road.

Biggest issue between my friends and I have, is balancing out our medical issues, work schedules, trying to get some sleep, decent riding weather and dealing with the LT repair, service and lighting. The HID has been a great upgrade.

Been out of commission a month or so due to severe back pain, coupled with some mechanical/electrical problems with the LT, surgery this week, the usual chronic fatigue and other considerations , but ride when we can, which is usually on sat. I try to ride at least once a week. Battery died yesterday, hope to have the replacement by next Tuesday.

Send me an e-mail at [email protected]. Like to hear how your progressing.

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