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On my 2008 R1200GS, with 32,000 miles, I have begun to hear a knocking sound that sounds like a valve out of adjustment. I adjusted the valves to spec, and the knocky sound remains, but only when the bike is in neutral and the clutch is not engaged. When I engage the clutch, the knocking sound goes away. As long as the the clutch is engaged, in any gear, there is no knock. In the running gears, as I let out the clutch, I can hear the knock until about 1,500 rpms, then the knock goes away.

What's wrong? Is it dangerous to run the bike like this on a long interstate trip? Is failure imminent?



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Did you really mean that you are running the motor below 1500 rpm?

Probably not a problem, but no I have never heard my GS knock, but I keep her above 4000 rpm most of the time.

So it is only at idle? Maybe some more information would help?
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