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While a K16GLT is not in my future--my stable with its K75, multiple K11LTs and a K12LT is more than I can manage--I received an e-mail from a faculty colleague who is clearing out his collection (except for his Gold Wing) to make room for a K16 due to arrive next saturday. He was specifically wondering if my little group of wannabe wrenches had a lift so that he could remove the rear wheel when the final drive needed an oil change. We do, so that's not the issue.

So my question is just one of mild curiosity: on all of our bikes (K series and R series) the final drive oil can be changed without removing the rear wheel. Is that different on this bike?

And while I'm on the subject, what other significant procedural changes are there in oil changes from those used on K12LTs?

Just wondering....

Larry Johnson
El Paso TX
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1995 K11LT
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You do not need a lift to change the FD oil as the tire will come off with the bike on the center stand. It make it easier but that it all. The rear wheel WILL have to come off as the filler plug is in behind the rotor. After removing the wheel you just turn the rotor till you see the fill plug. It is at the 2 o'clock position on the FD. It is very easy to change the FD oil. I did my engine oil & FD together in about 45 minutes.
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