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I posed a question regarding a backfire and rough running issue in an earlier post "K12GT backfire" and my problem was a mouse colony which had made a home under my gas tank and chewed through one of my vacume hoses. I replaced the hose and the bike runs as smooth as ever. However, now when its warmed up, and I bring it to a stop, it stalls out. When I try to start it, it wont stay running unless i open the throttle a little to keep the idle up. But when its cold it idles fine.
Does anybody have any suggestions of what to look into next?


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Did you remove the battery at any time during all of this? The bike stores throttle position in memory, so if the battery is disconnected you have to reset that.

Remove one battery cable for 10-15 minutes.

Reconnect the cable.

Turn the key on, but do not start the bike.

Open the throttle full open, then rotate full closed.

Do that again.

Turn the key off.

Then turn the key on and start as normal.

Go for a nice, long ride. :bike:

This sets up the base positions for the throttle. The bike will also learn and adapt as you get a few miles on it.
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