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Greetings fellow riders! :wave
I have been riding my 2000 K1200LT since 2004 and thoroughly enjoy it. I perform all my own maintenance so I'm pretty competent on the bike's ins and outs, but I've got a problem that is baffling me. :confused: And it doesn't help that the dealer is closed on Sunday/Monday.
5 days ago I completed a nice ride and pulled into the garage with no issues, so I know the bike was running good. Yesterday I disconnected the battery to do some minor work on the bike, only to discover I didn't have all the parts I needed. I reconnected the battery and went to start it, and the bike immediately revved up to 6000rpm and won't come down. If I open the throttle it will redline (I only did this once).

I've performed what I think is the TPS reset (turn on the ignition, fully open/close the throttle 3 times) but this did not do the trick. I disconnected/reconnected the battery again and performed another TPS, same issue.

I've replaced batteries several times and have never seen this issue. Nothing was done to the bike from the time I shut it down 5 days ago to yesterday which is why I'm so baffled.

Have any of you seen this before? Any ideas?
I'll be pulling the skins off tonight looking for the obvious.
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