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K1200LT Hannigan Trike needs service in PA.

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I'm new to the LT community, but not to BMWs. I'm visiting Lancaster County, PA and my trike just quit within 1 mile of fueling. The speedo, tach, fuel and temp guage needles all started to fluctuate wildIy, I smelled a whiff of electrical burn then nothing. It drove fine for the 1,100 miles from South Florida. Any thoughts on the cause, cure, quality of work at the local BMW dealer (Trans-Am Cycles) in Litiz, PA.? It will have to be towed in. ALL thoughts will be much appreciated.
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Well, I hate to disagree. But smelling anything electrical burning is not a good sign..

Hopefully it'll be something easily repairable.

I'd think a dealership would be the place to at least start to figure out what's burned up..

Good Luck

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