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K1200LT Hannigan Trike needs service in PA.

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I'm new to the LT community, but not to BMWs. I'm visiting Lancaster County, PA and my trike just quit within 1 mile of fueling. The speedo, tach, fuel and temp guage needles all started to fluctuate wildIy, I smelled a whiff of electrical burn then nothing. It drove fine for the 1,100 miles from South Florida. Any thoughts on the cause, cure, quality of work at the local BMW dealer (Trans-Am Cycles) in Litiz, PA.? It will have to be towed in. ALL thoughts will be much appreciated.
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Sorry to hear about your electrical issue. Most likely it is something simple. From what I have heard, the dealer you are close to would be a good spot to get it to. I have not brought my bike in there but I have read some posts about people who have. Plus, their prices seemed reasonable too.

There is a BMW non-dealer repair shop (they are a BMW car dealer and they repair BMW bikes in a shop on the same grounds) just west of Philadelphia. The person running the shop is a great resource for information; his name is (I think) is Don. Their number is 610 687 9350. I would call and at least ask him about a possible solution. Don't worry about the trike conversion as I think all of your issues will be easy to solve.

I wish you were closer or I would try and help you. I am about 90 mins away from you.

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