Very good condition BMR Flatbed Rack, platform is 31½ x 12. Brackets mount very simply under the rear seat with a single bolt for each bracket and likely you would leave them indefinitely as no reason to detach. Install the carrier by setting it on top of seat and line up with the side holes in the brackets. Attach by screwing in a single knob screw on each side.

I modified 2 crates to mount on top. Best accessory I could have on the bike. The crates are a little compliant so they make an excellent backrest. If you mounted a thin backrest on the crate you’d have an excellent long distance rig.

Previously solo now married wife is always on with me so likely I won’t be using this, haven’t in 4 years. I have big boxes and can ship the crates but new crates are less than $10/ea. Or I can just send the mounting bolts and aluminum connector plates if you like, VERY easy to make up new crates and I have pics of making them, but your choice makes no difference to me.

$150 picked up at my house near Montrose, Pa (mount here if you want) or meet Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Binghamton, Owego, Waverly, Towanda, etc. Shipped at whatever actual costs are from 18801, box I would use without the crates is 42 x 18 x 8 probably 20 lb packed. Cheapest shipping on larger items is usually Greyhound Package Express but whatever you prefer.