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IT all started with a dead battery on my 2006 K1200LT with only 15,000 miles on her. I replaced the battery and she fired up but the horn didn't work.
I had the bike towed in to the closest BMW dealer and had all the service done rear end serviced coolant flush and break flush.
When I went to pick up the bike the Alarm and central locking system was inop and told it was toast. They some how wired around that
and $1000.00 later was out the door.

About 100 miles later she sputtered and quit and will not start.Back to the dealer she went . in the shop for weeks now and they say that
the bike will not talk to the machine that I guess they hook up and don't know what is wrong. I assume that it-must talk through the ABS
system but don't know for sure.

Any ideas guys :wtf:

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It is pretty normal for a dead battery left for a long time to trash the internal alarm battery (non-replaceable). It is very easy to bypass the alarm and I am surprised the dealer did not go straight there to look for a solution as that is what I would suspect.

Now on the other hand if it sputtered to a stop then I would look at an internal hose failure in the fuel tank as that is the most likely cause of sudden death on the LT.

The fact that the dealer is using the ModiTec computer to try and trouble shoot the LT tells me he has no technicians that are trained or familiar with the LT (it has been out of production for over 10 years) and the computer is the last place to look for answers.
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