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gbaltyn said:
So, I finally find some time to put these on. First thing I notice is the bolt patterns provided with the templates are off by about a half inch. After trimming for the adjustments the left side is on and works great. Now the right side. After almost two hours I can't get the bearing to seat correct and just when I think I got it, the peg locks up and bends one of the bolts. Not sure where I went wrong but assume the bearing wasn't quite right and never moved as freely as the left side did. Hoping ordering another bolt and repacking some grease will do it. For now, we will head to Charlotte with just the one side done. :mad:

So close, yet so far!!
Try this: place the spring to the side, clean the grease from the cavity and be sure the ball seats COMPLETLY in the hole. If not get drill bit the size of the ball and clear out the burr, when done the ball should drop in and be hidden. Then grease the hole, spring, & ball so the ball hangs due to the grease holding it upside down. Install the peg in the DEPLOYED position and start the long screw. You should NOT have the stop screw in at this time. Tighten the pivot screw with the peg deployed and wiggle the peg and you will feel the detent in the peg make contact with the ball. Tighten a bit more and test by CLOSING the peg. If you feel a solid snap you are good to go, torque it down and install the stop bolt.
Note: be certain to use BLUE lock-tight on the bolt threads or the bolts will vibrate out.
It really easy. I installed mine so the pegs were on top of the crash bars and have posted pics and instructions if you care to search.
Good luck!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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