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J&M Elite out of Shoei Multitec into C3

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Just picked up a Schuberth C3 and I want to move the J&M Elite series from my Shoei MultiTec. I see on the J&M website they drill hole in the helmet. Is this the only way or has someone found another way? I can reuse my speakers and mic...all I need is the part that comes thru the helmet. Can you buy these from J&M?
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The migration of the J&M Elite's went well into the C3. Drilling the hole on the helmet just behind the visor slide went well. I removed a good bit of the clamp mount so it would fit inside the helmet between the styro padding and the fiberglass shell (bandsaw and belt sander came in handy) The Dremel tools made easy work to create a pocket for the speakers and before I knew it I was testing on the bike. All good. :)

I gave J&M a call before I started cutting and sanding to see if they would sell me the connector for an internal mount. They wanted nothing to do with me.."It is a custom installation and we will not sell any parts" Poor folks are too proud to open a revenue stream and take care of their customers. Hind sight...I should have taken pictures and posted them for all to see how easy it really is. The Elite clamp mount is quickly modified for an great installation.

I guess my C3 warranty is now void since I did the work but what can you do? I really enjoy how light the helmet is and hope you folks won't be shy to perform the install on your own.

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