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J&M Audio - Bluetooth headsets and hub - Any experience?

I know there are allot of threads here on Bluetooth headsets and the Sena seems to be a winner. Maybe I’ve missed it but I did not find very much on the J&M headsets in a search and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with the J&M Bluetooth headsets and dongle/hub combination.

I’m considering the following for 2010 R1200RT and I want to be able to have full intercom and interface with both a Garmin Zumo 660 and the BMW OEM stereo system to start with. If I’m happy with that I may also interface a cell phone via the Garmin or directly to the helmet and add bike to bike communication.

HS-EBLU629EDRI-N103 (Elite Integrated Bluetooth Headset for Nolan® N103 Helmet) for my Nolan N-103

HS-EBLU629EDR-FL (Elite Bluetooth Headset for Most Flip-Front Style Helmets) for a Shoei Multitech

JBLU-BHDG05 (Blu<>Hub® Dongle05 with JMAHP Software Profile) &PF=30

I’ve also been told that a BMW specific Bluetooth dongle is in the works, so I will probably wait for that before ordering the hub.

Any feedback from your experience with these products is appreciated.

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