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I just completed the LOE1000 motorcycle rally in New Mexico this last weekend. I had just got my new iway the weekend before so this was my first real test ride. I did a total of 2100+ miles in 3 days with almost 1200 during the 24 hour rally.

It worked flawlessly. I was able to route many bonus locations with its "Route via Waypoints" feature before heading out. The feature was able to give an efficient route and I was able to scoop up most all the bonuses I had hoped for. I was also able to delete stops from the route in advance and add new ones on the fly when faced with mid route obstacles. It really helped plot routes through unfamiliar cities like Santa Fe, which has many old old roads leading in every which direction that could have twisted me around if not for the GPS.

I loaded many, many hours of mp3's on the drive and they never skipped a beat the entire time, even when grabbing boni down dirt roads and very rugged secondary back roads. The voice over directions mute the music to verbalize the directions then back to the music with a smoothness I was not expecting.

I have it mounted on a home made shelf over the speedo/tack using the supplied RAM mount which puts it just under eye level so I don't have to take my eye too far off the road to see it.

I must give this unit a big thumbs up. :D
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